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There Are A Number Of Causes That Lead To An Eyelid Bump.

Ocular Hypertension: Causes and Symptoms A rise in intra ocular pressure, on its own, does not affect your vision. This article will help you to develop a better understanding of its causes and know about... Poor Outcome: Though the procedure is said to be highly effective, some individuals may not experience any considerable improvement, even after undergoing the surgery. Sometimes, factors like forceful sneezing and coughing can cause the small blood vessels located underneath the conjunctiva to burst, which can result in haemorrhage. It doesn't interfere with one's vision. However, recognizing early symptoms of the damage may help prevent vision loss. Dilated pupils may not always be a serious issue but it causes a lot of discomfort. In some cases, blood vessel in eye may burst due to powerful sneezing or cough, vomiting, rubbing of the eyes, straining, crying, etc.

You can even use artificial tears to sooth your scratchy eyes. Read on to know more about it. First of all, let us take a look at the advantages of LASIK eye surgery. Scratched cornea is a condition in which the clear, transparent cornea of the eye, gets scratched by excessive use of lenses, foreign particles entering the eye, extensive rubbing of the eyes during eye irritation, etc. There are a number of causes that lead to an eyelid bump. He should not have medical conditions like diabetes, cataract, herpes eye infection, AIDS, keratoconus, autoimmune disorders, like rheumatoid arthritis, glaucoma, lupus, etc.

subconjunctival hemorrhage